LightHort is a blog dedicated to communicating the latest scientific findings on light in horticulture to the public. The goal is to inform scientists and interested audiences alike of science and technology that can transform the future of agriculture, including floriculture, indoor vertical farming and even space farming. A particular emphasis is on the application of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the realm of plant science. A wide array of topics range from sole-source lighting for plant factories to photoperiodic and supplemental lighting for greenhouse operations.

LightHort employs various forms of multimedia to effectively deliver ideas worth sharing. In posts updated on a weekly basis, we present original articles, synthesized findings published in peer-reviewed journals, video presentations, infographics, demos and interviews with experts from academia and industry. We aim to facilitate the translation of research to application in an effort to provide insight on sustainable food systems and agricultural practices.

William profile photoThe blog administrator is Qingwu (William) Meng, currently a second-year Ph.D. student in Horticulture at Michigan State University. He works with Dr. Erik Runkle to advance our understanding of how light regulates plant metabolism, including flowering, photomorphogenesis and pigmentation. As LightHort develops over time, we expect to recruit more passionate writers in our team.

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